miracula Rei Unius


@zeusAsuez--> tu dovresti studiare Auriti Giacinto.
la banconota, costa 20 centesimi, al banchiere ebreo internazionale: illuminati
ma frutta, per lui, la differenza di tutto il suo valore nominale, cioè: il signoraggio bancario primario, che è pari al 98%.
a questo, tu devi aggiungere gli interessi: o debito: publico.
a questo, tu devi aggiungere gli interessi: per il debito privato.
in totale, noi paghiamo all'ebreo, il nostro denaro, per un valore del 270%.
il signoroggio bancario e tutti i poteri occulti da lui creati
ha fatto di lui, cioè dell'ebreo illuminato, il nostro vero signore e padrone!

@ zeusAsuez -> you should consider Auriti Giacinto.
the bill money, costs 20 cents, to international banker jew: enlightened
but fruit for him, the difference in all of its nominal value, ie the primary bank seigniorage, which is equal to 98%.
at this, you must add the interest: o, debt public.
at this, you have to add interest: for the private debt.
in total, we pay at the Jew, our money, for a worth 270%.
signoroggio the bank and all occult powers that he created
has made of him, that is enlightened Jew, our true lord and master!


@YHWH-> I'm sorry that Satan will return between 100 years, when the effects of my ministry policy, will be finished, but for now, we love you and thank you for being able to enjoy of a true peace and prosperity, perfect for the next 50 years! this is what is the power of metaphysics in action. The ability to perceive and to tune myself, with the soul of all the peoples of the world because all of them belong at the my one only unit: 1. "do good and avoid evil"; 2. "Do not lie!"; ie, universal brotherhood. Metaphysics has given me, repeatedly, has proven this my perception: "I'm pleased for all the nations, I have earned the confidence of everyone". lol. 1 million of human sacrifices to Satan? all useless!
@ all mankind -> in these years of hard work: I was able to gain the trust of all honest men. I became legal, that is, what I believe to be good, has become the norm universal, ie it is valid for all mankind, therefore, all lies of enlightened? is fail: about: 1. relativism and 2. evolution? 3. Their predation against all nations on account of bank seigniorage? have fallen! has no further reason to exist: why, I took the bank seigniorage to the benefit of all peoples. If politicians accept? no more will the 3rd WWnuclear, but, this project of war will be moved approximately 100 years. Very early Hinduism and Islam, will come out of their medieval culture,In fact, all of them were made regressing by enlightened: is been for the violence, and deprivation of any economic resources, which made ​​them subject to a phenomenon regression, but soon it will be possible for universal brotherhood for all.
@all mankind --> I am successful in my business. I am the first man in the history of all mankind, to achieve this feat of universal culture. 1. the universalization of the concept of good and evil (for atheists). 2. the universalization of the concept of God (for believers). 3. Of course, the Satanists are excluded: from all this, but the satanists (skull and bones, etc. ..) are not men, they are monsters!
[[miracula Rei Unius]] only UniusRei, knows the true meaning of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, and this is a mysterious process of realization that only he, lorenzojhwh can know: and who only HumanumGenus can interpret, but its result is always love. because only love is the strength of unity: in fact, the man is love why God is love. The opposite of this has already been done in programming of enlightened: it is the 3rd WWnuclear
[[miracula Rei Unius]] Truly, without Deceit, certainly and absolutely: That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, in the accomplishment of the Miracle of One Thing. And just as all things have come from One, through the Mediation of One, so all things follow from this One Thing in the same way. Its Father is the Sun. Its Mother is the Moon. The Wind has carried it in his Belly. Its Nourishment is the Earth. It is the Father of every completed Thing in the whole World. Its Strength is intact if it is turned towards the Earth. Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, gently, with great industry.

[[miracula Rei Unius]] It rises from Earth to Heaven, and then it descends again to the Earth, and receives Power from Above and from Below. Thus you will have the Glory of the whole World. All Obscurity will be clear to you. This is the strong Power of all Power because it overcomes everything fine and penetrates everything solid. In this way was the World created. From this there will be amazing Applications, because this is the Pattern. Therefore am I called Thrice Greatest Hermes, having the three parts of the Wisdom of the whole World. Herein have I completely explained the Operation of the Sun: ie Unius Rei
[miracula Rei Unius]] The Emerald Tablet of Hermes is the original source of Hermetic Philosophy and as a Key to the primary Mysteries of Nature. Outwardly a recipe for the preparation of the Philosopher's Stone which may be used for the transmutation of the baser metals into Gold(seigniorage banking of Rei Unius that is for the wealth back to all peoples, and has now been stolen by the banker jew enlightened Rothscild), that the process described was of far of more universal application—in fact, it is nothing less than the Process of Change of itself through which (in the words of Aristotle): why the "Nature strives towards Perfection." SOLVE ET COAGULA
Falchion43 SAID: 1. Are you UniusRei? -- > YES AND ALSO MAHDÌ AND KING OF ISRAEL. Falchion43 SAID: 2. Do you follow Christianity or Judaism? --ANSWER-> I follow all religions because all religions are born from the heart of God, then all religions must follow to me, why, I am the highest authority in both is in political as in religious. Falchion43 SAID: 3. What do you think makes someone evil and why? -ANSWER-> The evil is racism, that is believed to be better than any other man. Even Rei unius is not better than any other man, for God we are all equal. The greatest evil is lying, because every murderess is also a liar.
Falchion43 SAID: 4. What do you think "God" looks like? -- ANSWER-> God is not a man and has no form, but is a wonderful person, who has given to us all a second chance, because we are all fallen, in this (3rd) dimension because we are been all sin, like Adam and Eve, when we were in paradise (4th dimension). Since it is not in the justice divine, the punishment of the innocent! Falchion43 SAID: 6. Do you think Barack Obama is a good man? -- ANSWER-> All politicians are of good men, they think they do: the best work, that it is possible to do, in this banking system and Freemasonry: ie the Jewish lobby that they have all control, namely, the Satanism: ideological and practical of IMF-NWO. "but they are not unaware of this reality, they do not know, that the 3rd WWnuclear is necessary to regenerate a new IMF, which is now exhausted "
Falchion43 SAID: 7. What do you think of the United States Of America? -- ANSWER->I love them, But Satanism has entered too deeply, in all its institutions, there is no hope for the USA, God will destroy completely, that great nation through a giant meteorite. for this reason, I must bring all the Jews of the world, in Palestine, Lebanon, etc. .. it will be the safest place on the planet. Falchion43 SAID: 8. What do you think of Great Britain and the Royal Wedding? --ANSWER-> democracy is a crime of the enlightened, then, wherever will be allowed to me, I peacefully: I reconstitute all monarchies in all the world, and where not possible, I have to organize in mode hierarchy, all the nations, so that the attribution of responsibility is to be transparent.
What do you think of the Japan? -- ANSWER-> I love Japan too. Have proven to be the best, because secretly they were the only ones to complain, for the crime of State, make by Satanists, that was 11-09. That's why, that the Bush, enlightened, ecc.. have punished them, .. through HAARP and tsunami, for to have had, even, friendly relations with China. Falchion43 SAID: 10. What do you think of Israel? -ANSWER-> there is no difference between Israel and all the other nations of the world, because all governments are false: in fact, without monetary sovereignty, the Constitution is offended in fundamental way. So Israel and other nations of the world, they are all forced to dance the music mortal: of Pied Piper (of enlightened: ie Satanism)


Islam today is a crime because of Sharia.. all Muslim governments make racism and hundreds of Christians are killed every day. ie, they make the discrimination and legal persecution! Sure, you'd reason, if there were true Islam ... but in the world today, there is only in the West
ILD2014 SAID: you keep sending me stuff about how Germany has been strangled by Jewish banks! How can you claim to love Israel when you spread hate of its people? --ANSWER --> FOR YOU, HAS A MEANING, the TRUTH? Certainly not the truth taught by the system of bank seigniorage: the Jewish Rothschild: that is IMF-NWO! Since everyone has to dance, their music, only, since they have the monopoly of money by more than 5 centuries! But who has done us all of the subjects of Rothschild and company? Why, we must pay them, our money at interest: ie seigniorage banking? Today we are all in recession, and there is so much unemployment? you should study with humility, many of my comments: To understand how the world works. I'm really the King of Israel

ILD2014 @ -> 1)). GOLEM project? is the result of studies on the Kabala, to find and dominate: the secret of life, and for the control of the whole human race. this is the beginning of the NWO project. Since these enlightened, Jewish bankers, would be safe only until the whole world, had not fallen under their power, but only Satan could have inspired in mode supernatural, this modern tower of Babel! In all this it? Jews are innocent and therefore can not be hated.

ILD2014 @ -> 2)). The French Revolution: 1789: and even the destruction: of all the Catholic monarchies (with backward monetary policies, ie, only had the coin, only in gold or silver) was made ​​possible only through the ingenious invention , the "assigned": that is paper of money, nominal: that is the beginning: of: bank seigniorage: modern. But already, from 1600, when the Fugger bankers failed? already in 1600, a new dynasty of Jewish bankers, took their place, with gathering immense wealth, which, of course: they were eclipsed, or rendered invisible as the more possible. But, the enlightened could count on the support cohesive Jewish community, however, the Jewish people in all this is innocent and does not deserve to be hated.

ILD2014 @ -> 3)). you've never heard that Marx, Stalin were Jews? Since the enlightened, could never have: triumph, because the supervision of the Catholic monarchies. They often condemned them, quite rightly, at the expulsion: for plots, bombings, human sacrifice, etc. ... Many of them even became cardinals and bishops, so fraudulent, they were called Marranos Jewish (false converts, infiltrates). We had to hide behind the altar, three children, ((who were bled, and then were declared martyrs and saints)), because of interference by the powerful Jewish lobby. The Jewish communities of this period had an alibi legitimate, to be unfairly discriminated against extreme-and it is this that has not allowed them to distance themselves from these vipers of bankers.

ILD2014 @ -> 4)). any honest person is can understand, that having them the monopoly of money, and, having settled: against the political enemy, who could not be overlooked: destroyed all the Catholic monarchies. The Illuminati have had plenty of time to create and shape, with wisdom, all the institutions that have wanted, above all, in particular, the institution of Freemasonry secret: that its aim was to defeat the Catholic Church, namely 'irreducible ultimate enemy, the true, the synagogue of Satan. against which, quite rightly: the Popes have done more than 600 documents, of excommunication, in two centuries. But they were the rich, who were even more financed by Jewish bankers. They have succeeded at last in forcing the Catholic Church to silence, after huge economic losses, and losses human resources: in particular.

ILD2014 @ -> 5)). Also I hate Hitler. but the enlightened have created, invented Freemasonry and then communism and democracy. But every institution or Government? is only a fiction without institutional monetary sovereignty! The current Masonic regime: has hidden genocide karst (of over 200,000 dead): With the tacit consent of the Italian Communists, the armies of Titus started doing roundups of Italian citizens present in Venezia Giulia, Fiume, Istria and Dalmatia. because they were able to save at the peril of their lives, the lives of all Jews who came from the Balkans: as has said the chief rabbi Toaf!

ILD2014 @ -> 6)). how those 4 dead of hunger: of Tito, they could do something like this: without the permission of the Americans? because, for all these years, this story was hushed up, and was not told in our school history books? Why the Istrian and Dalmatian exiles were always kept in the shade and nobody ever talked about them? I think that those who were silent before this tragedy, were not different from those who, knowing, are been silent in the face of the Holocaust. Since the Illuminati wanted to punish these people heroic for having saved so many Jews. is Since! the objective of Satanists enlightened Jews: the destruction of the seed of Abraham, even though this is not obvious? but there it is!

ILD2014 @ -> 7)). but where does this hatred against the Jews? their mode of being reserved and not to be confused with the people? No! too little! From the position of Jewish bankers moneylenders: of course! They can not make entirely counterfeit the history books: from the absolute monopoly of the banking system-Masonic! and their immense power to have to form all our institutions in a functional at their control and power. Why, Germany and Italy before the rise of Nazism and fascism? were totally indebted! mortgaged with the banks, recession, despair, anarchy and criminality? Jewish voice which was raised to denounce the seigniorage banking?

ILD2014 @ -> 8)) As a Jewish voice, stands still to report, the banking seigniorage? Even the anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish rabbis (Anti-Zionism Orthodox Jews) nkusa. org. that defend the Palestinians? they too are criminals for me because, even they have never complained about the crime of banking seigniorage. What? only a jew, who is richer: of all the United States? This is a crime, which is legal! When this situation is dangerous? for the survival of all mankind? is a danger that can not be understood: properly! But the absolute crime against the Constitution, which is the banking seigniorage is a crime that has been legalized: also!

ILD2014 @ -> 9)) because all the Zionists, who I know? also important and all Jews? they all follow, only the agenda of the Illuminati? As if to say: "the true sovereign power (the top of power, today, more of all governments of the world put together), that the banking seigniorage, which is a scientific fact: thanks to prof. Dr. Giacinto Auriti, Ezra Pound, etc.. . but they say: to be just a conspiracy theory. " Why enlightened desired and established and defended Israel? Guada case, another false democracy without monetary sovereignty. that could never build the Jewish Temple, why, is essential that there is also a king,

ILD2014 @ -> 10)) that to be just him, Rothschild, lol. pity though that he is a Satanist. But all this: that is, rich Jews: Throughout the world, that have the control, or the Jewish monopoly of: information and politics, that is control of everything, is all in fact Jewish lobbies: ok! this is sufficient to say: "The Illuminati are Jewish and they love the Jews?". No! This is a trap, just as it has already demonstrated the Shoah! As American Jews not could not know of Auschwitz, in fact, have spoken in detail in a book, the Jehovah's Witnesses, that they were the first inhabitants of the concentration camps. aerial surveys, etc. ..

ILD2014 @ -> 11)) The only one who today is defending the poor Jews, really? I was just me: that is, lorenzojhwh, who is the King of Israel! Why the rich, they will flee, as always, as always is been: in time of trouble and leave you stuck: ie, Always and only: stuck the poor. But this time? is different from the other! as a global nuclear war, with 5 billion: the dead? could it be? there is not defies of statistical data. Even if all the strategic activities have been brought by the Americans under the earth, and they have the technology to stop any attack. They will leave the people to hit too: the same. As one of their real objectives? is the depopulation of the planet. all politicians? after the French Revolution, they are now just as all puppet!


[king of Israel]: Jews for me, are the best people in the world, and in fact. I love them, ie, the real victims predestined: designed for each situation: as a holocaust! In fact, the world is controlled directly by more than five centuries: by Jews Satanists. In fact there is a hierarchy of Jewish and Zionist lobby enlightened (the older brother Cain): ie, seigniorage of banking, of IMF-NWO. who secretly hate their fellow Jews children (Abel). If I do not go into this story, of the their family as king of Israel? you will die in a 3 rd WWnuclear, where it was expected the extinction of life on all the planet. In fact, you can not even imagine what's under your feet: in USA and in Norway, etc. .. that entire cities underground and secret.

[Talmud and Adam]] now, Adam is just the negation of any: racism, Zionism, sharia, and Talmud. Since God has brought compassion for all men, when the Jews did not exist: still... because all men .. According to the Bible, is derived from the one only Adam, all the same and all brothers. [[Talmud and Adam]] the verdict for trial of God, is not related to race or religion. but is about: the lack of love (racism, selfishness) or the intensity of love. Since love is related to faith, while religion is related to civilization: politics, culture, etc ... My love is true love: it is the true meaning of the Jewish Temple: which is the universal brotherhood. Here's why is impossible for to Zionists and sharia, of be able to enter Heaven/ Paradise! For who does not know the simplest things, how can you say you know the Holy Spirit??

[[evolution]] of Jewish lobbies, and their imposition of the ideological trends of all the crime .--> The evolution for me, would be fine: 1. if, it were established, 2. if it were not used to spread Satanism, in mode practical, of the Jewish enlightened, of the seigniorage banking. IMF- New World Order? enlightened want: "1). destroy faith in God; 2). to be able to predation: of men now downgraded: to the level of animals, as dictated by the Talmud of Satan. 3). destroy any moral basis: of the religion, 4). establish: the technocratic regime: IMF-NWO, what else is not: that: the new "Tower of Babel" of the synagogue of Satan. they are not smart: if do not understand, that their project: has failed! of fact Satan: has no hope: for the next 50 years ... or you come to God? or die all!

@ satanists, masons, sharia, Zionism, lobby, enlightened elite corporate leaders -> warning: I can not keep track: of all the assholes, like you That, They go down: for the sewer, That is, That go down to hell , Because I am a politician universal: That is a ministry, that can kill people and make damage: in mode supernaturally. In fact, I look like a man, But INSTEAD: I am a political ministry. I am a prosecutor: that is, an absolutely impartial in Any dispute: or controversy! Racism? is an invention of the Talmud! I have the gift of infused: knowledge, Which Was in Adam before the fall. I'm the only: criterion Objective: of the good: and of evil, That All May see: in the world. I am the only and: last hope: for this world: That Was given to Satan, by the Jewish lobbies: of banking seigniorage. I am UniusRei & King of Israel. ie, universal brotherwood

[[crime ideology of the synagogue of Satan: evolution]:] many finds: archaeological pre Diluvian are found: in coal fossil(that it is possible obtain in the laboratory within two hours.)many finds are hidden: as metallurgical products, very Refined, that having The Same(without oxidation): properties of the silver, this is only possible, ie, merger, with conditions: of sky with hood of crystals, That acts as a filter to all ultraviolet rays .... etc. .. the presence of footprints of men in dinosaur footprints, etc.. .. Therefore the Jewish lobbies? they wont destruction the faith in God: ie Objectives of Satanism: and pornography. and in this way, can do the predation: Just When the man: Were Deprived of the glory: of God That Was put into them: through deception and sin.

[[[scam Jewish lobbies: the evolution]]] are always many: the hidden skeletons of men, called: "Nephillim" (giants), when in the pre-Diluvian civilization, our planet earth was very different from the current, it was favoring the giant in all forms of life: in fact we have skeletons of men: about 30 meters high. So in the fossils of prehistoric times, we have: insects, mammals, fish, which are completely identical to those of today (ie, the immutability of species). Indeed, a detailed analysis were found as false all the so-called transitional fossils.

[[] Jewish lobbies: of the synagogue of Satan of IMF-NWO. crime: ideological of evolutionism []]. there is, a mathematical science about the calculation of the possibility or probability, that is statistics, this science, with any variation, for to need to encourage, according: to an evolution of life? This would be increasingly impossible anyway! In fact: the meteorites that have fallen more steadily or continuously! but, they are found, only, on the surface layer of our planet, this indicates, as the so-called "geological ages" are nothing more than, that, layers of sediments that attest an the great flood.

[[USA x 534]] ie, in the first [5] years of marriage; [3] pairs; on [4] commit / make divorce in the USA! Greetings! Those who wanted a company so evil? People who wanted to damage in this way: the Christian civilization? the Jewish lobby of seigniorage banking: of course, that is the synagogue of Satan, and IMF-NWO. What then enlightened: are the same: who spread the lie of evolution. Albert Einstein,against this crime: ideological said, ""believe that it was the evolution to give their lives? is like believing: that: lightning can come alone in a mine, and that by alone can make it, go out a locomotive. !". You go to hell: damned evolutionists: children of Demons!