all the governments of the world


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" For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16).

"Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation" (2 Cor. 6:2).

The Judgment Of GOD Is Upon Us As Lost Sinners!
All have sinned. Sin Must Be FORGIVEN
"For the wages of sin is death...." (Romans 6:23)
*THE JUDGMENT OF OUR SINS* (Romans 3:25; 5:9)

"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Romans 10:17)

"Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures:
And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures"
1 Cor.15:3-4

"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9)

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How ...

@enlightened ->

@enlightened -> The bankers have no shame! The basic services (water) and strategic (bank seigniorage, defense, etc. ..) can never be sold or transferred by the State. But the international banker says: 1. "You have a daughter who may be a prostitute!" and then says, "you have grandmother's bones to the cemetery, with which we can make the buttons. " etc. ... is this: that the political turn: deprived of all sovereignty, is forced to sell everything at the banker, even their dignity, all because of legal fraud in government debt: that is a lie of Satan. Thank you, enlightened Jews: Thank you, we are to die slowly! I do not think that is existed a century infamous!
what religion burning Christians alive in Africa?
which religion burning alive the Christians in Pakistan?
which religion burning alive the Christians in India?
Everywhere there is always the Satanism that burns them! Do not worry, "all of them have already been burned by love of God and are now in glory"
But what is to come up all over the world? is the fire of the wrath of God!

Arabia Saudita

@Arabia Saudita --> @ lover05-> my friend! You have a wonderful God, full of endless love and tenderness for you, but you can not see! you can not hear or understand! Because your life is not soft: easy! The biggest pain for everyone? is the awful silence of God! But if he had not hidden? Then, not should be, the reward of faith: also! Given that our works good: of course: they are essential: however, they are not sufficient for salvation.

Saudi Arabia @ -> @ lover05-> my friend! the second greatest suffering? is to give to another man, all over the world, : one suffering, because, contrary to what he says, the satanic Talmud? and your damn satanAllah the Koran? We are all brothers! But in Saudi Arabia and all Muslim nations in the world? many man and women every day are killed and torturale: illegally detained in prison: guilty of calling God in different ways: jast: only. That's why, I will be against this devastating your satanic Islam, you know. for I know that Islam is truly a saint, in fact, I am one of many Mahdi Army: in mode supernatural, that is, the more important Mahdì, why, well: I am the King of Israel and UniusRei before the Mahdi: perfect, that is the Messiah who is coming back That is, between 300 years

@ YouGAYtube ->

@ YouGAYtube -> I have no interest in the sexuality of people! But Just Because You Are A gay? for this reason, You Should September an example of civility and Respect, The Most for noble human values. For us, sexuality, must be one of the intimate sphere, becauseis the sanctity of man: the best! must be protected by us in our "social network". We in youtube, We Must Avoid Any manifestation of pornography, That is, deliberate attack, the erotic instincts of people. If one needs These Things? ok, he will go somewhere else ... But youtube has to be a clean and protected for All Our Children. ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok? ok?

@ Animelovingx -> the problem of overpopulation? It Was born by: 1. from ignorance, and 2. poverty! If illumianti In These five Centuries not make bad teachers? We would not be still in the stone age. Today We would to combustion engines and magnetic hydrolysis (hydrolysis). But this is not convenient to the Jewish Oil Multinationals. These Jewish lobby? They Have Done good, only, to Their accounts at a bank, and They Brought down the whole human race.

@ YouGAYtube -> when he saw my honesty (I still have, the vow of poverty, of San Francisco), he Gave me a lot of money, then I wanted to buy, even a motorcycle (but I Declined). He said: "I am a" Barabbas, "with my workers, do you know, the good, in my place!" But I Never Believed That He Was Bad, With His workers! Of all the money he Gave to me? I bought it, only, of the commentaries of theology, for myself (with His permission). Then I made good to the poor. Today, there is a priest, Because Of His generosity, why, the father of That Boy, He Had No Money To Keep Him In the seminary. I said: "Dear Peppino, chastity is the duty of Every Man Who Wants to please God." He sent me of flying kisses Every now and then from a distance, and in fact I was very understanding with HIM.

@ YouGAYtube -> then, I have Been a great friend, of a rich industrialist in Milan, he is famous throughout the world, He Came Up To Me, to Lourdes fascinated by something he saw in me of spirituals. I was a theological seminary of 22 years: always biblical Fundamentalism: yes, conservative. I Always Wore the cassock! Perhaps, for this my determination and my consistency, fascinated Which HIM. Then I hosted HIM at the Major Seminary, and he Wept with emotion at seeing More Than 150 young seminarians in the recitation of the rosary in the afternoon, we did walk in the yard.

@ YouGAYtube -> the Lord God asked me to make friends with other gay. I remember a dear friend, a Japanese artist, with the determination of fetish! But, I have a lot of understanding, patience, and sympathy with all of Them: When They are respectful and polite, Because I Have Been in virginity consecrated to God: for many years of my life. So, I Understand Because I see the love God has for Them, That Is, All Those who are suffering from a sexual disorder, Which Is in opposition to the project nature of sexuality, Which Is the family do, only! To That friend, I have done good, I have protected HIM, I Gave Him: welcome and hospitality, then, He Gave me a box of oil paints and brushes, so I drew something nice.

@ YouGAYtube -> now, I do not Want people to say, That gays are socially irresponsible! That, Their goal is to ruin Our teenagers! That gay men live in disorder and perversion or Necessarily More Than others .. etc. .. Certainly, for a biblical Fundamentalist like me? gays are sick ... But all sinners, They are still sick of Their sin! Thus the sinful human nature is made Solely for the sick! Lol. I Believe That Should Be friends if one only with healthy people? Then, Should or Could not a man, be friends with nobody ... lol. and even with Himself!

@ YouGAYtube -> I thought at a long list of insults Against You Because what you do: it is, of of to do harm to: Adolescents and young people around the world, with all this porn and your sexual perversion: that you Spread: Not That You're Considering a "social network". But, When I Remembered That, you're a gay? So I thought I'd talk to you very Seriously! @ YouGAYtube -> until we joked for insulting to Each Other in Saying, "You're Gay!" ... ok! But it's just a joke! I have always Respected the gay, I never insulted, I've never Deprived! In fact, I have gay friends, I have cared for the gay, Because the Lord God asked me to have some tales of friendship, stories of friendship That Are Very Important to Them. Their friendship? in fact, WAS invaluable to me!

I know: what does is this: ridiculous suspicion: that: the Catholic Church isSatanist? The Illuminati is a group of IMF trying: to bring: the downfall: in theCatholic Church, and in the World: secret services: corporations: freemansory,Wiccans, occultists .. all shits. my kingdom is built on universal brotherhood andstill stands: on the principle of freedom. I am the: unius monarchy. Finally, it's "ANLegality of the monarchy: all for freedom and the truth,, not" occult A monarchy: as NWO-IMF ".

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    all in my Jewish Temple III = universal brotherhood
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    [[ut unum sint]] !!! one only one: love: ie universal brotherhood
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    miracula Rei Unius
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    You are my loving, all the ❤ of my mine: joyful, caring ❤, ❤ friendly, inspiring ❤, ❤ hope. You are a helpful, compassionate, creative, giving ❤: ie, You live a life of giving and receiving love. You are connected to everything, treat everything you know ❤, ❤ with the love, and light You want to receive. ❤ It's beautiful, it's ❤ Marvelous to see so wide opening hearts to give, and receive love. The golden key ❤, ❤ my to the kingdom of light, That is: unius Rei ❤ is in your hands. The key is love, it's the vibration of the future, the dawn, ❤ brotherwood of my universal. ❤ May love fill your heart, I know That it can not be contained, so That It All That flows to cross your path. I am love ❤, ❤ I love you always. love is all there is between us. ❤ ❤ ❤ -> Death to Satan!

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Jerusalem an open city: the capital of the world! Gerusalemme città aperta: capitale del mondo!

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    mistafield --> CIA shit.. burns: your entire kingdom of satan .. everything falls to pieces!
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    I know: what does is this: ridiculous suspicion: that: the Catholic Church is Satanist? The Illuminati is a group of IMF trying: to bring: the downfall: in the Catholic Church, and in the World: secret services: corporations: freemansory, Wiccans, occultists .. all shits. my kingdom is built on universal brotherhood and still stands: on the principle of freedom. I am the: unius monarchy. Finally, it's "AN Legality of the monarchy: all for freedom and the truth,, not" occult A monarchy: as NWO-IMF ".


which State or Government, can allow organizations of Masonry, seigniorage banking(IMF), corporation and Satanism of be an super power secret and International? this is high treason & predation of all people: ie NWO, namely the institutionalization of the the worst highly criminal and anti-constitutional, criminal, but yet made ​​legal, that is the foundation of our institutions of international society! Yes all even illegal, but legalized however, that is the occult powers of banking seigniorage, ie the foundation of the our institutions: is the foundation of every injustice in the world! why in the world can be made ​​thousands of human sacrifices to Satan with impunity.! I curse all you in the name of Jesus! why there is no remedy at 3°WWnuclear for your wickedness! You have spit on the innocent blood!

Muslims @ ->

abdibaasit SAID: i suggest everyone to live as die as muslim muslim [[you are a Satan, a liar and a murderess! If You Were giving suggestions? You Would not Have Sentenced to Death Asia Bible and then, you Condemned, too, to death to all Christians: for She Said, "Jesus died on the cross for me, and not Muhammad !"]]. punishment is for Those who disobeyed Allah and worshipped other Than he who created the heavens and the earth and That Which Is Within it. warn Christians not to insult the god. To say jesus is son of god ... Begotten son No No No stop this lie and fabrications-ANSWER-> What makes you a threat to the peace of the whole human: it is the fact That You Have cast: your TOGETHER Beliefs, Institutions with your policies: You are a monster, Who is pushing for the throat with the 3rd WWnuclear Institutions your policies: You are a monster, who is pushing for the throat the 3rd WWnuclear

Muslims @ -> for many more years, you want to move forward with all these yours fucking wars: yes! you secularized your policy!
abdibaasit SAID: especially the christain and jews because in --ANSWER->THEN YOU HOW TO BE A DEVIL? and a donkey with horns? You do the quote, OF my Bible when, in your ignorance, you think that you agree on this. But, if I proved to you, the divinity of Jesus? in that case: you say that the Bible has been corrupted, but, the archeology (of atheists) excluded this possibility. You can not enter heaven, because, you do not have any respect, of freedom that God has give to all man.


[dark powers of IMF-NWO] underground military bases in the U.S., etc. ..: Satanists and aliens have fun to create mutant animals and monsters, hybrids between humans and animals: female pig: with his children, etc. ecc.. head of a woman tied to the body of an animal, etc. ..@all rebel: IMF-NWO: masonry illuminati sharia racist zionist --- tumore, malignant boils, pimples, cancer, leukemia, disease diseases: accidents fights oppression confusion shame anxiety: against Satan kingdom and all of its domain: in Jesus's name, Amen! Alleluia! ✙ ♥ ♔ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ✙ ♥ ♔ drink your poisons made by yourself. We are love: are all equals and brothers: I am UniusRei: ie universal brotherhood

[curse on India] With all the Hindus that I have spoken? All said they belong to the caste of Brahmins! India must end this curse: it must be broken, why reincarnation is a doctrine of Satan! Soon, India will be wiped out by the 3rd WWnuclear! Too much injustice and cruelty and violence and discrimination. Father in the name of Jesus protect my India![you're dead!] all the world's governments have lost their sovereignty and have only administrative tasks! In fact, do not have control of the Illuminati and their dark powers: 1. central banks, 2. International Monetary Fund, 3. Masonry 4. Satanism International 5. Intelligence, 6. Bildemberg 7. Trilateral 8. Corporation, 8. NWO, 9. races of aliens and their flying saucers and their objectives: their land bases and in the solar system. 10. ecc...; 11. ecc...; 12. ecc....; 13. ecc...; 14. ecc....; 15. ecc....; 16. ecc.....; 17. ecc.....

All governments in the world except those necessary & indispensable to realize a world war. in Past was : Germany and Japan, today is China and Iran, are kept outside the International Monetary Fund because of the enormous opportunities that they have not to pay the bank seigniorage: to give them a great military force. Why, the real aim of any war, for the enlightened is not to win, but win by making the maximum death and destruction as possible. In particular, is for the massacre of the Jews that are made​​: wrongly convicted & guilty of the crime of bank seigniorage: among/about all peoples.

@ all the governments of the world? They are false because sovereignty can not be exercised in part. governments ignore the reality of the underground bases of aliens and satanists; dimension where every humanity has been destroyed! What they think they know? is not even 40% of reality that occult forces were created by the bank seigniorage. If they had sovereignty? they would understand that with the 11-09. was written the death sentence of all mankind. When Busk senior: he refused to transmit the secret of aliens to the President of the United States? Institutions occult, masonic, supra national had already taken control of the NWO. Therefore, the concept of state no longer exists as also died with the concept of sovereignty.

my jews->

MY jews--> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta. them, lol. maybe they do not want Israel because they want to take all the world with seigniorage banking: ie, IMF-NWO: of satana Rothscild & company. but, The people of Israel has been, since time immemorial, not only that the people of God. but an entity defined by national, by political power and borders. It received from God on Mount Sinai laws and goals in life, which it not has always followed faithfully. But, Unfortunately, the Zionist movement was successful. but this was not in God's plan

my jews--> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta ---> because God can not accept democracy, which is a state founded on Masonic principles and satanism of zionism-racism. God is kingdom in yourself! therefore there is no Israel or Palestine, for those who have faith in God, but there are Jewish brothers and the Palestinians: all loving and united, as children about God: that in this they are ones who claim to believe & of be.

my jews-> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta--> In fact, we are all in God's favor (as well as atheists, who acknowledge God as: honesty, virtue, truth, etc. ..).. . and God is the same with all those who are obedient to his will! If his will had been recognized in time? Today you would not need desperately of one ReiUnius: that is lorenzojhwh
God will never accept the "Zionist redemption or Sharia". He will the force of His people for return all, by his exile-USA-satana: of enlightened: for wait for the real divine redemption. The kingdom of JHWH and his UniusRei that is Mahdì&King of Israel. Why I am love. I will expand: peacefully, my kingdom at Jordan and Lebanon, etc. .. because Jews and Palestinians all my children can live finally happy.

my jews->This is our one last chance to do this on our own, because if we do not do it ourselves? God Himself will do it: but, around the world will be punished by WW3: with 3rd world nuclear war. because the evil has reached excessive levels... There is no way around God's plan. Therefore, we must have the insight to implement this solution by dissolving Zionism and the "State of Israel." for to make of kingdom of Israel&Palestine. The world, especially the UN, the U.S. and the EU, has a duty, for it is they who have the power to carry out the above proposed solution. The advantages of this plan, identified above, certainly justify their taking it into consideration. these are the only requirements to build the house of God: that is the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Temple: that: however: it could never arise in the Zionist regime of bank seigniorage

in Côte d'Ivoire 1.000 Were burnt alive and killed Christians Being Christians burn on Ivory Coast. UC Ministries: There can be no doubt That we are living in the last days. Would it be easy for anyone to see images and Becomes These hateful Towards These Moslems. God says "Vengeance is mine I Will Repay" For Those Who Have Died "We have this hope" Absent from the body we are present with Christ. Which Is That What They Had to better down here. So I post the video with the caption That His Came with it. Please pray about what is happening there and for Christians at large who Suffer persecution. (Warning Strong Images!)

in Côte d'Ivoire 1.000 Were burnt alive and killed Christians Must see the truth as Christians Against Islam acts, Which are considered "infidels" and According To The Quran in Sura II, verse 187 must be annihilated by the simple fact to not be Muslims , says: "Kill Them wherever ye find That May From Where They out and drive you out." While Muslim immigrants in Spain do not stop using the open bar social security in Ivory Coast Muslim troops loyal to Have Killed More Than Four Alassane 1.000 Christians. Not enough to tell. We want to show readers how Our Muslims to Christians burned alive in Ivory Coast. Specifically, over 1.000 Were Christians killed this week in the Salesian mission of St. Therese of Lisieux in Duékoué by Muslim troops loyal to Alassane Ouattara. May God Have Mercy!
@ YHWH-Allah: ie, God->:
is came for me, now, the moment to make me
responsible, the history of humankind, and responsible, too, verse to God:
of each,of the its precious creatures. Of course, I hate the Zionists
of Talmud and the Muslim of sharia: the source of all murder and ruthless
racist. Because good Muslims, Christians and Jews? are only
their victims. In reality, the real war is that of bad men, against
the good men. all of else? is just a dust of devil!

[[hyper politics]]

[[hyper politics]] because the bank seigniorage, which is Satanism: ideological and practical of the synagogue of Satan: IMF-NWO. it is not only the foundation but is also the creator of all of our institutions here, that all reports isituzionali and therefore all relationships between men, were all poisoned. our money? that is what we have in his pocket? is the symbol of the sovereignty of Satan on the world.

[[hyper politics]] poiché il signoraggio bancario, che è satanismo: ideologico e pratico della sinagoga di satana: FMI-NWO. esso è non solo il fondamento, ma è anche il creatore di tutte le nostre istituzioni ecco, che, tutte le relazioni isituzionali e quindi anche tutte le relazioni tra gli uomini, sono state tutte avvelenate, poiché il nostro denaro, cioè quello che noi abbiamo in tasca, è il simbolo della sovranità di satana sul mondo.

[[hyper politics]] Walter Veltroni (Rome, July 3, 1955) is a politician, Italian journalist and writer, former secretary of the National Democratic Party (left, ex-communists) and candidate for prime minister. All the governments and parliaments? all have representatives of the enlightened! You have to see how is all deference of all political crap, when refers to Walter Veltroni to more strategic issues. Since every politician depends on the bankers? Every democracy is a fraud for 10 times!
[[hyper politics]] Walter Veltroni (Roma, 3 luglio 1955) è un politico, giornalista e scrittore italiano, ex segretario nazionale del Partito Democratico(sinistra, ex-comunisti ) e candidato premier. Tutti i governi e i parlamenti? tutti hanno i rappresentanti degli illuminati! Dovete vedere con quanta deferenza tutto lo schieramento politico fa riferimento a Walter Veltroni per questioni più strategiche. Poiché ogni politico dipende dai banchieri? Ogni democrazia è per 10 volte una truffa!

[[hyper politics]] by hyper politics the enlightened do I create, anticipate, manipulate the data. Since the bank seigniorage is hidden! Then the politician will be forced to make 2 +2 = 4. 3 ° WWnuclar good at all!

[[hyper politics]] attraverso la hyper politics gli enlightened posso creare, anticipare, manipolare i dati. Poiché il signoraggio bancario è occulto! Poi il politico sarà costretto a fare 2+2=4. Buona 3°WWnuclar a tutti!

XXXxThemessiahxXXX said: "Your insane and delusional. There will be no 3rd world war, and your antisemitism is repulsive as well your conspiracy theories based on hoaxes and fabricated stories online." -ANSWER-> YOUR MAIN preoccupation? ARE: on penis size, and 2. are on six-pointed star of Rothschild which has never been of David (wikipedia)! You Zionists have betrayed God: YHWH, the people, Israel, and every speanza of justice that the prophets have preached.
LE TUE PROCCUPAZIONI PRINCIPALI? SONO: SULLE DIMENSIONI DEL PENE, e 2. sono sulla stella a sei punte di Rothscild che non è mai stata di Davide(wikipedia)! Voi sionisti avete tradito Dio:JHWH, il popolo; Israele, ed ogni speanza di giustizia che i profeti hanno predicato

[[hyper politics]] it is began, through the French Revolution! In fact, the Jewish bankers who invented paper money: that's the "assigned"! seigniorage or modern banking. All for anti-Christian: All for the massacre of all Christians. Since the Illuminati are the synagogue of Satan, that is, the six-pointed star of Rothschild, which has never been the stellla of David. is the hyper: [[hyper politics]], that all you have been sentenced to death in the forthcoming 3 rd WWnuclear!
[[iper politica]] essa è iniziata, attraverso la rivoluzione francese! Infatti i banchieri ebrei hanno inventato la moneta cartacea: cioè gli "assegnati"! o signoraggio bancario moderno. Tutto in funzione anti cristiana: Tutto in funzione di ogni strage di cristiani. Poiché gli illuminati sono la sinagoga di satana: cioè la stella a sei punte di Rothscild, che, non è mai stata la stellla di Davide. è per l'iper polica, che, tutti voi siete stati condannati a morte nella imminente 3°WWnuclear!


[cartoons] that's the truth: we were imprisoned by false not legal / criminal / Masonic: IMF-NWO. All men of the world have been deprived of the truth of science and history are like, many cartoons! They live in a virtual reality in which everything is fake: : institutions, religion, ecc..! Therefore, as cartoons, soon they will all be destroyed: in 3WWnuclear: lol. as an act of mercy, for not to starve them! The bankers have stolen everything! Soon, we will no longer useful for their milking and squeezing!! Fantastic! are all, that in the world talking about bank seigniorage, but only, all the governments of the world, do not mention it!

youtube /danielofdoriaa
@ Barak Obama -> you can give me a list of all the workers, that a
week before, they did evacuate the Twin Towers: for good work of maintenance? Why scientists, architects and engineers say that
the buildings were demolished with explosives, in 5 days
prior to September 11? was the level of security led, at to high
levels and to detection with anti-explosive dogs were prevented from going to the WTC.
Might have found something?
@ Barak Obama -> In the weekend, before the fall,
some workers did maintenance work on buildings, removing all light((electricity)), turning off all security systems, including cameras ..... What did those workers, really? Did you know
a company, Securacom took care of safety of the WTC and
that the company belongs to the brother of George Bush? In addition to
security system, is could mount something else? Maybe
a plan, a designed of death, by a long time?
universoolografico. forumfree. com /? t = 52415614


@ enlightened Zionist Satanist sharia masonry: all shit - hell hell hell sheol ade: ✞: very soon: ✞: .. Hell Will Be That will swallow you all! [✰[.TERRIBILIS.EST.LOCUS.ISTE. HIC.DOMUS.DEI.EST.IANUA.CAELI ] ✰] Who can dwell with devouring fire? Who May Dwell Among everlasting flames? is the holiness of God, Which burns to the rebel to His enemies ... You Will Be Consumed! Amen: In Jesus's name! Alleluia: mene Techel Peres: drink your poison made ​​by yourself! united forever with Jesu's Nationalism; Against Satan's Synagogue, babilon tower of IMF and World Order [PAX] ♰. I Have the wrong done to All Those Criminals, who Toppled the cross. [♚: MENE.Techel.PERES: ♚]. ♰ CSPB CSSMLNDSMDV RSN SMV SMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself" ♰

@Saudi Arabia & @muslim country -> [[cursed children of the devil]] if your name is not Abdullah? Then your name is Abdallah! You'd better say Abdu.Satan.Allah! Every day, hundreds of Christians who are martyred, because of your corrupt religion! You do racism with religious identity on the compulsory identity document. Right you are an abomination of apostasy against the sanctity of Islam and a blasphemy against the sanctity of Allah! Why, in your laws do not commit suicide, with one another? Those of you who may think about going to heaven? is he the first of the mad! it is your fault if God has made ​​possible: 1. Israel to become a thorn in your side 2. the forthcoming 3 rd WWnuclear. I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel

@ Jews -> Neturei Karta and Zionists? they are two sides sick, of the same false coin! But between the Zionists killers and Neturei Karta cowards [[lol. : because none of their complaint the bank seigniorage and Freemasonry?]], however, who do you think of these two groups? who are the worst? Cowards? The Neturei Karta of course, those who betray YHWH are always those who lag behind, because they find sweet the blood of the all peoples. But if I remember correctly, God killed the husband and father in law of Ruth, the Moabite, for the same reason, we hope that God does of evil to all the Jews, who, in disobedience to the Word of God, are still scattered throughout the world. I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel

You are a joyful, loving, caring, friendly, inspiring spirit. You are a helpful, compassionate, creative, giving spiritual Being. You live a life of giving and receiving love. You are connected to everything I know you treat everything with the love and light You want to receive. It's beautiful, it's Marvelous to see so wide opening hearts to give and receive. The golden key to the kingdom of light is in your hands. The key is love, it's the vibration of the future. May love fill your heart I know That it can not be contained, so That It All That flows to cross your path. I am love, I love you always. IS ALL THERE IS Between Us ((❤)). I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel