Jesu's nationalism

Jesu's nationalism against satan's synagoghe & babilon tower
││Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital
││of the Jewish People! The City of
││G-d & our King David!
││@at World - Im Mahdì King of
││Israel & ReiUnius: ie the highest
││authority of all political and
││spiritual of all history mankind.
││ I order in the name of Jesus of
││Bethlehem. The ruin of all those
││who have something bad can
││do harm to others in youtube.
││"Amen" is forced to say the Holy
││Spirit of YHWH, against his own
││will. Everyone the bad?
││will be solely responsible
││for his own life, why this ministry
││political and theological of
││universal brotherhood? can not
││be stopped! in my kingdom which
││has already begun? there is not
││a job that Satan can do in all
││world! rebels will be punished!
I swear in the name of Jesus: I swear by the living YHWH of Abraham, who: 1.enlightened; 2.lobby Jewish; 3.massoneria: will pay for this crime, with the Lives of Their Children. Who can say now that lorenzojhwh not have the legal right to kill?
*♰*1° the 332 Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament.
*♰*Revelation which speaks of: micro chip, modern weapons and the Internet. * I has tied the foot of the cross of Christ: all the demons and the men of this damn planet by sin! .✙
♛[[the end]] the money? is more than a symbolic element "is spiritual!": but the Jews, Satanists, the "Illuminati or enlightened, and Compay Rothschild666, Bush322". have made a "merchandise" (so, who we are become "commodity" means, "enslaved" all whole human race! see: EzraPound and Giacinto Auriti .. That's why, from the French Revolution (through the invention of the "Assigned") they have control of the world ... and have the NWO by the foundation of the Bank of England ... since it is money is an ideal value and conventional: that is, spiritual: the money can not be bought or sold ... here, because we are now, under the ideological and practical Satanism: the bank seigniorage, whose function is the predation of peoples, through all the wars that are necessary to regenerate a new IMF: since the cost of money: is equal to 270%, then the destruction or the war: they are an indispensable institutional: ie an arrangements istitutional ♔
✙ money in all world? is a scam Jewish= bank seigniorage! So, everything is fake! Also the 3rd World War nuclear. is already written for stabilized at 500 million the human race ✙ nuclear war is a scam as the 11-09. there are no enemies, but only accomplices mason because the NWO is already completed ✙You will be dead in 2015 with all people because all the powerful of this world are Satanists!
I am the greatest supporter:
I am universal brotherhood the greatest supporter of: 1. Jewish temple of biblical Israel by Moses(before the Talmud); The most deadly enemy of Zionism and its bloody bank seigniorage (IMF). yes this is true we christians are jews in a way! I am an Italian who has the heart in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem Isaiah 2,1-3 / 56,6-7 says: "The Jewish Temple will be called home for all peoples", which Satanists Zionists: enlightened want to build them to celebrate Satan.
The infallible teaching of the popes was not heard:
1 -against: Masonry =
"humanumgenus" 2 -against: bank seigniorage = "quadragesimo anno""
3 -after:(a)inquisition, (b)centuries of complaints,(c)considering enormous losses of human lives, the church was closed in the sacristy. Now, the occult powers have control our institutions!
♔ 1° metaphysics Embassy of the Kingdom of God♔to do enter the kingdom of God all the atheists Bless!
♔ *"lorenzojhwh" is the King of Israel
Ethiopia Sudan Egypt Jordan Lebanon Palestine Syria Iraq Kuait. not exclude the neighboring nations who want to join for. in my reign: no one will pay taxes. ♔ *"humanumgenus" is "Rei Unius" the President metaphysical whole human race:
lorenzojhwh will give all the money that every country/nation in the world will need: gratis. ♔*"ShalomGerusalemme" is the Mahdi
✙CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB is virus deadly AMEN "Drink your poisons made by yourself"✙
I am, that door metaphysics, secular positive natural, rational justice, to open to all honest men and atheists (from first to last man) the heaven in Jesus' name. Amen Alleluia
*♛♰ *those who reject my love? They will be eternally damned because I am "The Metaphysical"! ♛♰
Don't Worship Idols -
Your Rei Unius: lorenzojhwh will never abandon you!