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@ enlightened Zionist Satanist sharia masonry: all shit - hell hell hell sheol ade: ✞: very soon: ✞: .. Hell Will Be That will swallow you all! [✰[.TERRIBILIS.EST.LOCUS.ISTE. HIC.DOMUS.DEI.EST.IANUA.CAELI ] ✰] Who can dwell with devouring fire? Who May Dwell Among everlasting flames? is the holiness of God, Which burns to the rebel to His enemies ... You Will Be Consumed! Amen: In Jesus's name! Alleluia: mene Techel Peres: drink your poison made ​​by yourself! united forever with Jesu's Nationalism; Against Satan's Synagogue, babilon tower of IMF and World Order [PAX] ♰. I Have the wrong done to All Those Criminals, who Toppled the cross. [♚: MENE.Techel.PERES: ♚]. ♰ CSPB CSSMLNDSMDV RSN SMV SMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself" ♰

@Saudi Arabia & @muslim country -> [[cursed children of the devil]] if your name is not Abdullah? Then your name is Abdallah! You'd better say Abdu.Satan.Allah! Every day, hundreds of Christians who are martyred, because of your corrupt religion! You do racism with religious identity on the compulsory identity document. Right you are an abomination of apostasy against the sanctity of Islam and a blasphemy against the sanctity of Allah! Why, in your laws do not commit suicide, with one another? Those of you who may think about going to heaven? is he the first of the mad! it is your fault if God has made ​​possible: 1. Israel to become a thorn in your side 2. the forthcoming 3 rd WWnuclear. I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel

@ Jews -> Neturei Karta and Zionists? they are two sides sick, of the same false coin! But between the Zionists killers and Neturei Karta cowards [[lol. : because none of their complaint the bank seigniorage and Freemasonry?]], however, who do you think of these two groups? who are the worst? Cowards? The Neturei Karta of course, those who betray YHWH are always those who lag behind, because they find sweet the blood of the all peoples. But if I remember correctly, God killed the husband and father in law of Ruth, the Moabite, for the same reason, we hope that God does of evil to all the Jews, who, in disobedience to the Word of God, are still scattered throughout the world. I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel

You are a joyful, loving, caring, friendly, inspiring spirit. You are a helpful, compassionate, creative, giving spiritual Being. You live a life of giving and receiving love. You are connected to everything I know you treat everything with the love and light You want to receive. It's beautiful, it's Marvelous to see so wide opening hearts to give and receive. The golden key to the kingdom of light is in your hands. The key is love, it's the vibration of the future. May love fill your heart I know That it can not be contained, so That It All That flows to cross your path. I am love, I love you always. IS ALL THERE IS Between Us ((❤)). I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel

[Animated Cartoons]

@ Barak Obama -> you can give me a list of all the workers, That A: week before, They did evacuate the Twin Towers: for maintenance of good work? Why scientists, architects and engineers Say That Were the buildings demolished with explosives, in 5 days: prior to September 11? Was the level of security at high levels led: but, to Were prevented with anti-explosive detection dogs Were prevented from going to the WTC. Might Have Found Something? In the weekend before the fall, Some workers did maintenance work on buildings, Removing all light ((electricity)), turning off all security systems, cameras Including .. Those workers did What, really? Did you know a company, Securacom Took care of safety of the WTC Belongs to the brother of George Bush? In Addition to security system, is mount Could something else? Maybe a plan, designed to of death, Was by a long time?

[Animated Cartoons] are false non-basic Constitutional Institutions: Freemasonry, Satanism and banking seigniorage, are more Powerful, Governments of all and are in control of Their outside: ie IMF-NWO. All men of the world then Have Been Deprived of the truth of science and history are like many Animated Cartoons! They live in a virtual reality in Which Everything is fake: that is, with limited Sovereignty! Therefore, as cartoons, They will soon all be destroyed: in 3WWnuclear for: 1. depopulation (dead), 2. Need a new credit for rebuilding (war) is possible to regenerate a new IMF: it is now designed to collapse by 2012. Soon, We Will No Longer Their useful for milking and squeezing! Fantastic! are all, That in the world talking about bank seigniorage, But only, to the Governments of the world, do not mention it! The jews bankers Have stolen everything, Also Our soul!

MY jews-->

MY jews--> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta. them, lol. maybe they do not want Israel because they want to take all the world with seigniorage banking: ie, IMF-NWO: of satana Rothscild & company. but, The people of Israel has been, since time immemorial, not only that the people of God. but an entity defined by national, by political power and borders. It received from God on Mount Sinai laws and goals in life, which it not has always followed faithfully. But, Unfortunately, the Zionist movement was successful. but this was not in God's plan
my jews--> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta ---> because God can not accept democracy, which is a state founded on Masonic principles and satanism of zionism-racism. God is kingdom in yourself! therefore there is no Israel or Palestine, for those who have faith in God, but there are Jewish brothers and the Palestinians: all loving and united, as children about God: that in this they are ones who claim to believe & of be.
my jews-> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta--> In fact, we are all in God's favor (as well as atheists, who acknowledge God as: honesty, virtue, truth, etc. ..).. . and God is the same with all those who are obedient to his will! If his will had been recognized in time? Today you would not need desperately of one ReiUnius: that is lorenzojhwh
God will never accept the "Zionist redemption or Sharia". He will the force of His people for return all, by his exile-USA-satana: of enlightened: for wait for the real divine redemption. The kingdom of JHWH and his UniusRei that is Mahdì&King of Israel. Why I am love. I will expand: peacefully, my kingdom at Jordan and Lebanon, etc. .. because Jews and Palestinians all my children can live finally happy.
This is our one last chance to do this on our own, because if we do not do it ourselves? God Himself will do it: but, around the world will be punished by WW3: with 3rd world nuclear war. because the evil has reached excessive levels... There is no way around God's plan. Therefore, we must have the insight to implement this solution by dissolving Zionism and the "State of Israel." for to make of kingdom of Israel&Palestine. The world, especially the UN, the U.S. and the EU, has a duty, for it is they who have the power to carry out the above proposed solution. The advantages of this plan, identified above, certainly justify their taking it into consideration. these are the only requirements to build the house of God: that is the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Temple: that: however: it could never arise in the Zionist regime of bank seigniorage

I have promised God to remain in the world for the next 50 years! Satan will have to wait until my time will past! I walked into TRUTH I'm here to stay: I am the Mahdì that is King of Israel and UnusRei. Don't try to shun me, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!