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Is baptism necessary for salvation? What does baptism even do? Isn't it just symbolic? What does baptism have to do with being born again? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in this letter on baptism. So let us dive right in and tackle these questions. Jesus tells us that "unless one is born of water and spirit he can not enter into the kingdom of GOD."(John 3:5).While some might try to question whether the water means baptism in this passage, this was never contested by any church father, or really any respectable member of the church up to the start of the protestant reformation. The early church fathers and ecumenical councils of the church all saw that baptism was being born of water, if one whishes to contest this fact they would have to say the united christian church for the first 1500 years of it's existence was wrong. In so doing they would also have to state that the holy spirit was not with the united church, or that the holy spirit itself was incorrect. To continue on the topic of necessary baptism, the LORD when he approches John the baptist for baptism, and John trys to prevent him, Jesus answeres him saying, "(it must be done) to forfill all rightiousness."(Matthew 3:15) Let me ask you can someone who is not rightious enter into the kingdom of GOD?... "The unrightious shall not inherit the kingdom of GOD"(1 Corinthians 6:9) So if Jesus was baptized to forfill all rightiousness how much more are we in need of baptism? If you can not enter into the kingdom of GOD without being born of water(baptism)how can we then say baptism is not needed? Well of course one could answere, "with GOD all things are possible"(Matthew 19:26), and this is very true, they could also say "what about the thief on the cross?"To answere these passages I would say that one who isn't baptized and hasn't forfilled all rightiousness, hasn't adiquately forfilled the conditions of salvation. "The one who believes AND is baptised will be saved"(Mark 16:16) At the same time I could also say that the mercy of GOD, becaues all things are possible for GOD, is suffecent for salvation even to the person who hasn't adiquately forfilled the conditions of said salvation, this is where many protestants get confused with the thief on the cross. However baptism seem to be very much needed to adiquately forfill the conditions of salvation, as the unrightious will not enter into the kingdom of GOD and baptism is needed to forfill all rightiousness and to be saved.
What else does baptism do? Let us direct this question to the blessed apostel Paul and see what we can learn. "Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into His death? Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life. For if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection"(Romans 6:3-5) So we gain life by being baptised into death, in other words baptisim has killed us and we have been born again in a "newness of life." Through this death, which is through baptism, we "have bin crusified with Christ; and it is no longer (us) who live, but Christ lives in (us)."(Galatians 2:20) Baptism then is not only a new birth but also a death, crucifixion, and tool that makes use able to rise with Christ and live through him. Baptism is not then just a symbolic thing but it is in actuallity a salvific tool that brings us unity and life with the LORD. We can also turn to the blessed rock Peter, for the use of baptism as a salvific tool, who tells us about the flood in the days of Noah and how the waters that GOD sent in the flood correspond with "baptism that now saves you." (1 Peter 3:21) If baptism was symbolic then it would be foolish, a falicy, and misleading to say that it saves, is anyone willing to lable the scripture with such names?... Then niether should you state that baptism is symbolic.
Since there are many who do not question so much whether baptism is needed and understand it's role in being born again, but attack the church from an angle of improper useage, I feel I must write something on the topic of infant baptism. First let us address the LORDs own words who said very clearly "Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me."(Matthew 19:14) If these divine words are not yet enough there is the fact that baptism is the new circumsision "the circumcision of Christ; (gained by)having been buried with Him in baptism."(Colossians 2:11-12) If we look at when the circumcision of the old covenant was carried out we will see it performed "when (the child) is eight days old."(Genesis 17:12) Therfore infant baptism, being the new circumcision, is in perfect confomity with the scriptures, and with circumcision of the flesh in which it is replacing. Let us also consider what Paul did when in Philippi not only did he baptize the adult Lydia but "her household"(Acts 16:15) as well, and Peter did the same while in Caesarea for the household of Cornelius.(refference Acts Ch. 10) The word household incorperates family of both adults and children. Furthermore there is not one restriction in the scripture that deals with the age of the recipeant of baptism. The earliest tradition of the church as well support infant baptism. "He(Jesus) came to save all through himself; all, I say, who through him are reborn in GOD: Infants, and children, and youths, and old men" - St Irenaeus 189 A.D. And "Baptize first the children, and if they can speak for themselves let them do so. Otherwise, let their parents or other relatives speak for them" St Hippolytus 215 A.D. And "As to what pertains to the case of infants: You said that they ought not to be baptised within the second or third day after birth, that the old law of circumcision must be taken into consideration, and that you did not think that one should be baptized and sanctifed within the eighth day after his birth. In our council it seemed to us far otherwise. No one agreed to the course which you thought should be taken. Rather, we all judge that the mercy and grace of GOD ought to be denied to no man born" - St Cyprain of Carthage 253 A.D. Ect....So we see also that baptizem of infants was not something made up in recent times but believed throughout all ages of the church.
Well my dear friend I hope this has helped to strengthen your faith, and provide some answeres and ammunition to those who speak against the gift of baptism, its useage, importance, and role in salvation. I will leave you with these final words from the apostel Peter giving you another useage and reaffirming the importance of baptism "Be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, and you will recieve the gifts of the holy spirit"(Acts 2:38)



Re: R:Re: R:Re: R:Re: I'm the only one in the world, which is protecting the Jews, really!
Hard times are upon us!
There is a link to what happened a whole family will distribute it to all the world will see what animals we live "and try to make peace with them" just terrible! Difficult to view pictures!
Thanks! Let's hope for better days
Snigal With God out of pity and not of law!


@ZI0NISTJEW -> it is clear that I hate any racism & every dictatorship, I am the universal brotherhood which is in fact true freedom of conscience. it is absurd that one should be hindered in his way of serving God, that is not a menace to society! I believe that those who accuse me of being a Nazi-Christian? he is not convinced of this: he does, of course, to test my purity! è evidente che io odio ogni dittatura & razzismo: io sono la fratellanza universale: che è la vera libertà in fatto di coscienza. è assurdo che uno debba essere ostacolato nel suo modo di servire Dio: poiché, questo non è un male politico! credo che chi accusa me di essere un nazi-cristiano? anche lui non è convinto di questo: lui lo fa, certamente, per verificare la mia purezza!

Hey gang just a reminder

Hey Gang! welcome new member Mrjamesthecatholic

This Friday the 18th 7Pm eastern standard time.

"I suggest we talk about making videos, and promoting them.

guidelines to engage heresy, those outside the Church, with love and patience.

Process for accepting new members.

Any other suggestions?

I suggest one more that I would like to discuss. I notice that some of us get down when it seems we are not making a difference. I think a good subject would be how to stay positive in Apologetic activity. Hope you agree also.

Here is the link to attend the meeting. I would like to know who plans on attending? so please pm me back. It would be great to talk with you!

In Christ

The whore of babylon is Jerusalem. I know this is very upsetting to protestant heretics but the facts are just the facts.

Re: Chat Time Set.....

That's good, just back up everything on your computer.

Or have a channel for that purpose.

Bless You!

The reading is from Isaiah 58, and gives excellent insight in his accompanied homily. This is little long but worth hearing. This event takes place on March 11 2011, the same day as the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. ( Pray for Japan, and all Chr...

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R:by dominusUniusRei1 / 2

XXXxThemessiahxXXX said: These conspiracy theories of Jewish seigniorage are lies and slander. You are supporting antisemitic lies Lorenzo and throwing people off the truth. Why do you attack Jews and try to pass of as a saint? When you act like a religious Christian Nazi? Has your insanity clouded your judgement into accepting the lies of the IMF conspiracy to use Jewish lobbies as the scapegoat? Is your ignorance clouded so deeply by these lies? -- ANSWER--> if I lie? I could never be dangerous! But this I say, at all the Jews: you stoned the vipers that are hidden in Israel before it is too late for everyone! you are enlightened? se io mentissi? io non potrei mai essere pericoloso! Ma questo io dico, a voi ebre: lapidate le vipere nascoste nel seno di Israele: prima che sia troppo tardi per tutti!

Satanists @ -> @ ShadowSRA --->

if in a world / universe: three-dimensional physical done: we can conceive an ideal, a concept: infinity? objective? universal? rational? this is the demonstration of God, metaphysics, universal brotherhood. ie, humanism. and this is the destruction of: Zionism, racism, sharia bank seigniorage inalienable, nihilism, agnosticism, relativism, materialism, etc. .. But enlightened Masons and decided that the discoveries of Pascal, Maritain, etc. ... were put into the dustbin of history, therefore, all scientific and philosophical research has been exploited by the IMF, and a bunch of corrupt: they have begun to support the lies of evolution, relativism, communism, materialism, horror, porn, etc. ..: and that's why you're going to die, and in fact, in 2013 you'll all be dead. Since for the calculations all the oxygen on the planet will be done intentionally burn

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ANONOMUS SAID: Why must your voice be soothing to me? oO - Answer-> I am the deliverer of all sin and guilt of all: the infinite justice of God That is the true interpretation of Christianity! Why Do Some Christians do not see the splendor of the Jewish religion (the gifts of God are without repentance). and Some Jews, Christians continue to despise? Why do not you see That They Are Brothers? God Has Made Them the brothers (after the IMF of NWO-enlightened)//perché io sono il liberatore: di ogni peccato e di ogni senso di colpa: nella infinita giustizia di Dio. cioè la vera interpretazione del cristianesimo! Perché alcuni cristiani, non vedono lo splendore della religione ebraica:(i doni di Dio sono senza pentimento). ed alcuni ebrei, continuano a disprezzare i cristiani? Perché non si vede che sono fratelli? Che Dio ha fatto di loro dei fratelli(dopo il NWO-FMI of enlightened)

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I am King of Israel lorenzoJHWH
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"nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"
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Apocalisse 13:16 Faceva sì che tutti, piccoli e grandi, ricchi e poveri, liberi e schiavi ricevessero un marchio sulla mano destra e sulla fronte;

Apocalisse 13:17 e che nessuno potesse comprare o vendere senza avere tale marchio, cioè il nome della bestia o il numero del suo nome.

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Disse Gesù a P. Pio: "nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"

"nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"
Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui ha parlato dettagliatamente l'Apocalisse!

è già stato testato su una famiglia americana:
se sei del PD? "preparati a prenderlo!"

nel Gender sodoma lgbt

santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti

confondatore dell'università di Teramo, docente scienziato,

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UniusREI kingdom
progetto politico per il Regno di Israele Atti 1,6



IBAN: IT55H0760104000001016405753

IBAN: IT55H0760104000001016405753

bisogna passare al SIMEC, nega il DEBITO! I saw, God bless, good work

la shariah della lega araba è il mandante! #Centrafrica. Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato. Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale. I sopravvissuti sono tutti in fuga. Altri attacchi a Bantagafo e Bambari

ACS-Italia‏ @acs_italia

Breaking news e aggiornamento dal #Centrafrica. Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato. Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale (non si sa se ferito o per sicurezza).

I sopravvissuti sono tutti in fuga. Non è attacco isolato perché è concetato dai servizi segreti della LEGA ARABA che ha deciso di sterminare i cristiani ovuenque è possibile farlo.

Altri attacchi a Bantagafo e Bambari!

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santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti

confondatore dell'università di Teramo, docente scienziato,

mancato premio nobel per colpa di Rothschild, ecc...
infami massoni consociativismo Bilderberg CSM?
EBREI CATTIVI gli hanno fatto del male