I am Mahdì for Islam Holy


[[ help ]] /watch?v=K3jsmog35Ig ... if you want peace and an end to this nightmare of enlightened: of seigniorage banking, you have to defend Islam and Holy Koran, were the enlightened who have replaced all the Islamic governments: secular and moderate with extremist . Ahmadinejad is a Satanist like Obama, to do what, as him: the horns to 3 fingers. Amas is in Palestine, now in Libya will be a government of extremists, as is in: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq .. etc. .. is the indignation of the West, will lead to a war in which even China will necessarily be compromised, because China is aware that it can not deal with a clash against America alone. India and Russia? lol. have betrayed, to be entered in the bank seigniorage, too .. that is, to pay interest on their money at the Jews. I love of the Quran of love. Religions are not bad if the politicians are good. I am on the side of God and of all peoples. I am the enemy of all Masonic lobby and all imperialism.
1/2 [I am Mahdì for Islam Holy] One of the main cultural problem of the global scale, for the Biblical project of zionism, is the destroy of Koranic Islam. basis for the Western policy, is based on two statements: The thesis of Judaism predominance over the rest people and the obligation of other people to be tolerant towards them; ie, seigniorage banking of enlightened: IMF-NWO. The buying up of the whole world with its inhabitants and property on the basis of Jewish corporative transnational monopoly on usury. In spite of the fact that these statements are not directly mentioned, they are being strictly implemented.

2/2 [I am Mahdì for Islam Holy] Koran denies the Judaism predominance doctrine over the rest people, and the usury is under a strict ban and is characterized as a kind of Satanism. These statements are not practically used in the political life of Muslims, based on the alternative concept different to the Biblical slavery concept , the Western wheeler-dealers understand that Koran is the potential threat to their global power regime imposition. This explains their desire to leave/destroy: the Koran in its historical legacy.
One of the ways to resolve the problem of Islam for the Western wheeler-dealers is multiway policy