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Getting the Word Out

Our sister omGOP3 has yet again had a brilliant idea for the Archangelati:

"In order to survive and flourish - we ideally would get an audience with the pope but the question is raised ... how does one go about this?

Our group needs wider recognition beyond the self-identification of 100 people [in a faith practiced by billions]. We need to reach an audience beyond the social network and online realm.
Have you considered trying

A. to get Priests, Sisters, & Brothers to OFFICIALLY and OPENLY support our cause?

B. contact EWTN and see their policies... they interview LOTS of Catholic Americans ... while this may seem a bit idealistic and better reserved for the future [once the groups' foundations are a bit more solid] ... Do not forget that it is still a possibility... a local or national newspaper covering would bring positive publicity as well.

C. Finishing a logo / symbol! [even the group name in overlapping greek letters - or a chi-rho with the medal of Saint Benedict in the round portion of the P]...

D. ... get the backing of LifeTeen - which practically has an American monopoly on Catholic youth networking.

E. get in good with Steubenville ... this will bring you a ton of potential new members and at very least get the name out to priests and brothers... and potentially influence the lukewarms when they are feeling nice and Catholic.

F. eventually selling T-shirts that promote Catholicism with saint quotes, history facts, pictures, or simply the name and logo of the group... "

Some do seem more realistic than others, but we NEED to get out there with our name if we ever hope to achieve big success in the world. I also propose that we keep an agenda of what the Archangelati needs accomplished by when (this will be especially helpful when we grow in size).

originalboondi SAID:

You think you are king? --ANSWER->You are special! Only God:JHWH is KING of KINGS and Lord of Lords. nobody will have an worship of me, or kneel in front of me. would be like betraying God because David never has allowed this. tuttavia: I am everything that ever was is or will be... why I am UniusRei: universal brotherwood: only hope in this world of shit. Does that make me your king or your god? No! all men are created equal. But it is my ministry that is special! yes, is the wind that shakes the trees for eternity! the tree (the flesh of human nature) is only burning wood in the furnace of hell

China with love:

China with love: [the bloody trail] EUN: Voice Martyrs: China? A large part of its long history has traveled a long trail of blood, for all those who have heard God's voice during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, the courage of Christians killed by the swords, was such that the Boxer tore the hearts of the martyrs, seeking the secret of their courage .. But he found nothing but flesh, came to the conclusion that it must be the "medicine of foreign devils.
"today, the same Holy Spirit, strengthen the Chinese Christians: who are arrested and tortured, for attending unregistered churches and speak to others of Christ!

@Europe Asia Africa America Oceania ->

[Catholic Church] after the gay attitude of Vatican II, Namely, the 1st Council of history, not to be dogmatic, as if. His bitter enemies, as the Freemasons, etc.. ... They Became good: all of a sudden. Was made ​​an absurd statement, Which is more of a heresy: "Human nature is good."How to say to Jesus, "You Were an idiot to die on the cross. For, DECLARING:" good "human nature, MEANS Much More Than, That, to God who give dell'idiota Sacrificed His son on the cross in vain, But It Means blaming God for all the Distortions in the world. [Catholic Church] support at all costs to: (1. unhistorical, and 2. not to biblical) of clerical celibacy? It Was A Disaster Enormous! Satan is grateful

@Europe Asia Africa America Oceania -> my children, I am ReiUnius. or before (if the enlightened Muslims and Zionists, they decide to die together with 5 billion people) or later, the 3rd WW nuclear? the mandate that God has given to me, does not change. For me, it does not matter the form of government. For if democracy was not: a total scam: Due to the seigniorage banking? it would be, however: a total scam because of the Freemasons: however! The whole society will have a medieval type of organization: pyramid. As should be clear to the powers of responsibility. I will strengthen both the identity self-national that: the sense of love and equality: that is, the universal brotherhood. The right of every man to his freedom of conscience & religion. I know by faith (the Bible) and for reason: metaphysics, that my government will be the happiest: in the entire history of the mankind


YOUTUBE deleted my: "UniusRei2" for this video: [[sencond open letter to Rockefeller]] 3 mesi fa: of my murder? youtube is also responsible!
the story of this video, that I had destroyed along with video... the story of this video, that I had destroyed along with video of the Rothschilds is too complex and strange. * 1. Perhaps you have asked God for a sign? * 2. Maybe you really have love to Israel and the Patriarchs? * 3. Maybe God is working to save your soul? by UniusRei2

BleedingOphelia on Gothica- Proserpina SAID me: lol.Oh, how I love the peaceloving Christians -ANSWER-> your anxiety: is Your hell all. After a year for my lust, I tried a pornographic video, but, then I saw the pedophilia, the little girls made sex with dogs. & 2 women like you impaled, another women was skewered with a spear (which passed through the anus to go out of the mouth) was making her was cooking on the stove like a pig. Satanists say it is a punishment for traitors, but they are lying, why as Stalin, the killing is a system for them. is obvious: the hidden powers of the NWO: satanism & freemasonry, they enter more and more in our society, while is retreat with the back out of our institutions, for the weakening progressive of self-determination of the country. but believe me, nobody will laugh for this: because God told me it will empty the entire surface of the earth by UniusRei2

@truthspeaksfoitself --> I am without my wife these days ... lol. although it works very badly, but it is better than nothing! But this is a universal law of sin, by reason of natural law. Every sin, according to its type, it is both: 1. fault, 2. penalty, 3. weakening of being personally and consequent confusion & pain. However, it is useful for us to the sin: sometimes (when the sin is no damage to the next), because he who sins little, he becomes very cynical and less compassionate. We Christians are truly privileged, not only because of the divine nature, but because Jesus on the Cross is guilty of all our sins in our place. by UniusRei2

my God

@ YHWH -> my God. They have done great things in Israel with the money of their occult Re: Rothschild, but between the theft of bank seigniorage and all those murders of Palestinians? This time, Lol. The 3rd Temple will been make to Satan! - Answer-> Really, have been very few: truly happy moments between me and Israel, they are more accustomed to Satan that to me as more or less, this is also true for all mankind


Hello everyone, I would like EVERYBODY'S participation on this one:

The Archangelati needs some form of identification to get our message out on a whole new level. We need ideas for a group icon/symbol. Examples include a chi-rho, a cross, the Sacred Heart, etc.

Please, put in your ideas and BE CREATIVE!!!! Combine things together and PLEASE tell me if you have a good program that you could design our symbol on, otherwise I can design it on something I have but the result will not be astounding I assure you.

Also, we want a motto (preferably in Latin, the language of the Church, but English is welcome too) so please put one in for that as well. It should be short and to the point however such as "Totus pro Deo" or "Pax et ora", etc.

Any other methods of merchandising, etc. are welcome!

-Adam Villegas, Arch. [feel free to add this to the end of your name, it is a VERY honorary and prestigious title to hold]


I'm the italian that translate videos for Anne,as you have seen.As the few christians we are all frustrated.But the Lord has all things in complete control and he will take his revenge against enlightened satanist and the false Christ.So we have to be patience.But you have to wait for the two witnesses that are coming out very soon there in Israel,your land,for you israel and for all christians.Their channel since 2009 is: WitnessToThe144000.See it!


[dark powers of IMF-NWO] underground military bases in the U.S., etc. ..: Satanists and aliens have fun to create mutant animals and monsters, hybrids between humans and animals: female pig: with his children, etc. ecc.. head of a woman tied to the body of an animal, etc. ..@all rebel: IMF-NWO: masonry illuminati sharia racist zionist --- tumore, malignant boils, pimples, cancer, leukemia, disease diseases: accidents fights oppression confusion shame anxiety: against Satan kingdom and all of its domain: in Jesus's name, Amen! Alleluia! ✙ ♥ ♔ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ✙ ♥ ♔ drink your poisons made by yourself. We are love: are all equals and brothers: I am UniusRei: ie universal brotherhood

[curse on India] With all the Hindus that I have spoken? All said they belong to the caste of Brahmins! India must end this curse: it must be broken, why reincarnation is a doctrine of Satan! Soon, India will be wiped out by the 3rd WWnuclear! Too much injustice and cruelty and violence and discrimination. Father in the name of Jesus protect my India![you're dead!] all the world's governments have lost their sovereignty and have only administrative tasks! In fact, do not have control of the Illuminati and their dark powers: 1. central banks, 2. International Monetary Fund, 3. Masonry 4. Satanism International 5. Intelligence, 6. Bildemberg 7. Trilateral 8. Corporation, 8. NWO, 9. races of aliens and their flying saucers and their objectives: their land bases and in the solar system. 10. ecc...; 11. ecc...; 12. ecc....; 13. ecc...; 14. ecc....; 15. ecc....; 16. ecc.....; 17. ecc.....

All governments in the world except those necessary & indispensable to realize a world war. in Past was : Germany and Japan, today is China and Iran, are kept outside the International Monetary Fund because of the enormous opportunities that they have not to pay the bank seigniorage: to give them a great military force. Why, the real aim of any war, for the enlightened is not to win, but win by making the maximum death and destruction as possible. In particular, is for the massacre of the Jews that are made​​: wrongly convicted & guilty of the crime of bank seigniorage: among/about all peoples.

@ all the governments of the world? They are false because sovereignty can not be exercised in part. governments ignore the reality of the underground bases of aliens and satanists; dimension where every humanity has been destroyed! What they think they know? is not even 40% of reality that occult forces were created by the bank seigniorage. If they had sovereignty? they would understand that with the 11-09. was written the death sentence of all mankind. When Busk senior: he refused to transmit the secret of aliens to the President of the United States? Institutions occult, masonic, supra national had already taken control of the NWO. Therefore, the concept of state no longer exists as also died with the concept of sovereignty.

New Member

Hello Everybody!

We have a new Archangelatum: cathofaithdef
He has already professed his loyalty to the Vicar of Christ and said that he was very pleased by what we have been doing.

Please friend him and get to know him as we rejoice in yet another fellow Catholic crusader.

God bless,
-Adam Villegas, Arch.

@ paolobarnardvideos ->

These oligarchs? They wanted to be at the helm of the people, and now " are to look at the big brother who is really Satan in person, to be inspired. " now what? have finally realized that they are in a dead end!
I doubt that the adventure of the 3rd World War nuclear (which is necessary to regenerate a new International Monetary Fund), which, then, is the loss of everything ... may be for the their liking: no, can not be a prospect. is the Holy Spirit, which makes me feel their desperation: a result of having betrayal: treason: treachery of God and of all people! They are more anxious about us because they are more aware of us. However, I am a utopian political project: the only solution to the NWO, that is UniusRei. The Lord is my witness: "Never, I would rather have been in this embarrassing situation"

Defending against Sedevacatism

Sedevadcantism is the belief that the Pope and the rest of the church, post Vatican 2, except for a small remnant, have fallen from the true faith, and have become an apostate church. They site many references to Popes of the past, and church fathers to prove there case - that the majority of the church is in heresy and no longer is the Catholic church. Let us examine this belief and see who it really is that is in heresy.
The belief in Sedevaticantism is centered around the dogma of papal infallibility. They present quotes from Popes and deceivingly suggest in the infallibility of what they are quoting from, because it is "from the Pope." This is not what papal infallibility is. There seems to be a miscommunication between what the Sedevacantists believe papal infallibility is, and what papal infallibility actually is. You see there are stipulations to when the Pope is speaking infallibly. First the Pope must be speaking for and to the intire church. Second the Pope must declare or proclaim that he is pronouncing a dogma. Thirdly the Pope must be speaking on matters to do with faith or morals. The way the Sedvaticantist see papal infallibility is that the Popes person theology(this is not the way the 1st Vatican council defined papal infallibility)is infallible. With all due respect and may none take this in a way that it is not meant, that is to turn it against the Catholic church, but everything that a Pope has ever said and done is not infallible. This is the problem tho, the Sedevacantists turn Pope against Pope in an effort to disprove the Catholic church, trying to prove an infallible error with fallible statements. Even the apostles had disagreement with each other on personal theology, this is the reason why they held the council in Jerusalem. Even councils tho are held to the same declarations of papal infallibility, as council have pronounced fallible statements before, and there have been many robbers councils. The church fathers have also said many things that were incorrect even debating amongst each other, like Augustine and Jerome. The Sedvaticantist tho in there ignorance say, "this church father said this... and our current Pope said this ... The council of Trent said this...Vatican 2 said this.." Whether the church father, who dealt with personal theology is wrong, or the current Pope, when speaking on personal theology, is wrong it is not a testament to the falling of the church, but to the weakness of the flesh, reaffirming that we all need a Savior and continue to need one throughout our lives. The same could be said for the councils. One must keep these perspectives in context tho, one should not question the stand of the church, but respect everything she has said. At the same time one should not hold every word from those in the church up to an infallible light, that only GOD should be held up to.
In conclusion we could quote church father against church father, Pope against Pope, council against council with the Sedvaticantist, but it is quite clear that they can not give an infallible stand against the church, and this they must do as the gates of hell will never prevail against the church. In the end even the sedvaticantist must admit that in order for them to be right the Pope must be wrong and in heresy. As they can not infallible prove this they must admit they they are using a personal fallible believe against the church, or they must prove their case with an infallible statement. Since there are only two infallible statements ever recognized by the Popes themselves, who are the sole holders of infallibility, and neither prove the case of the Sedvaticantists, they must admit, until infallible proven otherwise, that they are in heresy against the church.
As an extra defense against them, just to see where there mindset is try quoting them Pope Leo XIII "[I]t is clear that by the will and command of God the Church rests upon St. Peter, just as a building rests on its foundation. Now the proper nature of a foundation is to be a principle of cohesion for the various parts of the building. It (the Pope) must be the necessary condition of stability and strength. Remove it and the whole building falls." Now just sit back and watch as they try to formulate confusion, perhaps using another quote from a Pope or church father to try to disprove this. Thinking they are fighting for the church, but in reality they have become transgressors against the church trying with all there will to destroy her. This is the worst type of foe, one that claims to be Catholic. A more dangerous heresy then even the Church fathers had seen, and the words of the most inspired Augustine, "All heretics wish to call themselves Catholic; yet if you ask any of them to direct you to a Catholic church, he will not direct you to his own" seem to be under attack. As the heretics have somehow found a way to call themselves Catholics and direct you to there own church, as if it were the Catholic church. Be aware dear brothers and sisters, be on your guard, as the apostasy spoken of through the holy scriptures may have finally come. Do not fall into the web of Satan, that is the Sedevacantist apostasy.


GOD the father, son, and holy spirit.
The Holy Bible St Josephs edition N.A.B. My Catholic faith chapter 23 Sedevecantism Exposed -- Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam