Rothscild Rochefeller & all enlightened

You are my loving, all the ❤ of my mine: joyful, caring ❤, ❤ friendly, inspiring ❤, ❤ hope. You are a helpful, compassionate, creative, giving ❤: ie, You live a life of giving and receiving love. You are connected to everything, treat everything you know ❤, ❤ with the love, and light You want to receive. ❤ It's beautiful, it's ❤ Marvelous to see so wide opening hearts to give, and receive love. The golden key ❤, ❤ my to the kingdom of light, That is: unius Rei ❤ is in your hands. The key is love, it's the vibration of the future, the dawn, ❤ brotherwood of my universal. ❤ May love fill your heart, I know That it can not be contained, so That It All That flows to cross your path. I am love ❤, ❤ I love you always. love is all there is between us. ❤ ❤ ❤ -> Death to Satan!


Brothers and Sisters,

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I am sending you the list of Archangelati members which I saved as back up. You have to save it in Word - Pad. And whenever you want to connect or contact to the Archs then copy and paste this list into the mail's address bar. 


@ rockefeller rothschild & Company -> but, all the rebels, that will been stubborn? That have persevered in betrayal? Nothing will be forgiven and will receive the most ruthless of convictions. The time to show your loyalty to God? is right now!!! Blessed are the feet of those who return to the Lord, because every crime will be forgotten. I am not a tyrant, not dismiss anyone, I am only a concerted action: global: that is, the universal brotherhood: the peace of the Lord God Almighty be upon you and for your children! But for all rebels a consuming fire, will come out of the holy, for of the consumption of everything! Amen says the Holy Spirit: Alleluia is the answer the Churchs.

@rockefeller rothschild&company enlightened and all the sinners: ie the coal taken directly from the fires of hell. Alleuia.---> Kids: lol. This Is War Between: Nazi's against: Yahweh Clan Cult. this is the extraordinary law of the Kingdom of God according to biblical studies of the Benny Hinn: ie a jew pastor evangelist. and of course it is also the law of my kingdom UniusRei. when you, as offender and rebel, you to do returns at Kingdom of God? 1. is made ​​a great feast: for all the six paradise and the throne room, 2. since justice must receive a perfect satisfaction: it is called Satan is found guilty of all your crimes, 3. Satan is forced to compensate for all your losses: and Satan is then forced to take all your diseases, 4. you come proclaimed innocent and never again: your transgressions: will be remembered. 5. you will recover Health, you will become more: young, happy, and you have a prolonged life

@ rockefeller & company of enlightened -> this could be the beginning: of the lowest moment of your life, but as well: could be the beginning: of the end of your nightmare. Since I'm UniusRei: I am the only one legal owner of the both the bank seigniorage, that the NWO. Therefore, from this moment. you're fired! in Jesus's name! You can transfer all your powers to me safely, because, if I do not will do the evil to you? ie: filthy toads of hell as you? Then, it is clear: "I will not do anyone any harm. " I am the King of Israel and I am the universal brotherhood. The only legitimate authority recognized by YHWH: In this mode of shit of world, that you have done to your own image and likeness in this last 500 years

@ Rochefeller Rothschild & all enlightened -> my children: you can come to me without fear! I am the legitimate estates of all peoples: the source of all authority, I am UniusRei. You can transfer to me all the sovereign rights of bank seigniorage and the NWO. I have the fullness of all spiritual and political sovereignty, which is in the human world: everything is under my jurisdiction. On behalf of YHWH: The Living God of Israel, I am the supreme authority which God has established and recognized: is for legitimately can be built the Jewish Temple: that is, universal brotherhood, and is: to/from me, that is legitimacy: any other authority on earth. This I command you in the name of Abraham, Moses and Elijah, before the days of anger burning and destruction of all: not because of your projects NWO, but of our Creator: angry.

@Rothscild Rochefeller & all enlightened -> figli miei: voi potete venire da me, senza timore! Io sono il legittimo proprietrio di tutti i popoli: la fonte di ogni autorità: io sono UniusRei. Voi potete trasferire a me: tutti i diritti sovrani del signoraggio bancario e del NWO. Io ho la pienezza di ogni sovranità spirituale e politica, che è nel mondo degli uomini: ogni cosa è sotto la mia giurisdizione. A nome di JHWH: il Dio Vivente di Israele: io sono la suprema autorità, che è da Dio costituita e riconosciuta: affinché legittimamente possa essere costruito il Tempio Ebraico: cioè la fratellanza universale, ed è: da/in me, che trova legittimità: ogni altra autorità sulla terra. Questo io ordino a voi: nel nome di Abramo Mosé ed Elia: prima dei giorni dell'ira ardente e di ogni distruzione: a causa non dei vostri progetti di NWO, ma del nostro Creatore: sdegnato.

@ jhwh -> I UniusRei: Mahdi & the King of Israel. I order in the name of Jesus, at all demons, aliens, Satan, devils, evil spirits: and rebels to God, ghosts, elves with all the dependencies of Satan, with all the lost souls: that the sin of man: drove up: from the depths of hell to make a dwelling in my kingdom. I attach all you with blood of Jesus at the foot of the Cross for your process immediately! I expels all of you from my kingdom universal: that is the whole universe and all of you in rush: begone in the depths of hell: I close the abyss: against you, for the duration of my reign in the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus, the divine victim of the sin offering perfect: I seal the your torment. Begone Satan, drink your poison made by yourself! Amen said: Holy Spirit